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Dear Xolphin API,

This year, DigiCert® finishes the migration of Symantec Website Security. To complete our brand transition, the official end of sale of the Symantec brand will occur on April 30th .

On that date, all partners are required to stop advertising and selling the Symantec brand. This rebranding includes:

  • As of March 25th, in legacy portals only, all Symantec SSL and Code signing products have been rebranded as DigiCert products. The Symantec Secure Site line of certificates will now be named the DigiCert Secure Site line. These products and features remain the same, only the brand name is changing.
  • By April 30th, all selling, advertising and marketing of the Symantec brand and logo must cease. All customer-facing webpages, marketing collateral, and advertising must be updated to refer the DigiCert brand and product names, or be taken down.
  • No action is required to your ordering processes or API calls to continue ordering these products.
  • Thawte®, GeoTrust®, and RapidSSL® brands will remain unchanged. These brands can continue to be sold and advertised.
  • The Symantec Partner Portals and APIs shutdown on July 31st. This gives you additional time to complete your migration efforts, but note all the above information takes effect on the listed dates even if you continue using your legacy portal through July.

Follow our Partner Blog and our change log to stay updated, and contact your account manager if you have questions. Thank you for your partnership.

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